The progressive Comfort trail in 5 days 

Leaving from the ranch between Urgup and Ortahisar, in the heart of the national park, the progressive trail takes you on a 5-day tour around Cappadocia. From the peasants' Cappadocia of the south to the most beautiful valleys of the north, a succession of fantastic rock formations, lush canyons, high plateaux, steppe-like landscape, along with vineyards and orchards, compose a surprinsingly varied route. On the way, the villages reflect the Anatolian way of life while frescoed churches and other troglodytic treasures testify of the rich past of the area. Our itinerary takes place entirely within the national park.

It is now possible to include during the week a hot-air balloon flight over Cappadocia's surreal landscape at sunrise, as well as a Turkish bath experience (steam bath and massage at Urgup's traditional hamam at the end of the week).

Accommodation is in charming hotels in Cappadocia's prettiest villages, in front of which your horses are spending the night (see dates and details below).

The rider can choose between 2 kinds of accommodation : (See below for more infos)

- in “deluxe” room
- or in “standard” room

The Comfort trail is for autonomous riders, who want to discover the beauty of Cappadocia on a fast pace!

- The riders won’t lead their horse on long walks uphill or downhill  ; only on very few rough passages where they need to dismount from the horse and a short walk in the morning before getting in the saddle.
The circuit includes long and sinuous canters
- The riders won't have to groom their horses
- We will provide one guide for 4 riders

Comfort and fast ride on this Trail formula.








Detailed itinerary (The description below is an example of a trail we often do, but for reason like weather forecast or safety reasons the guide can choose to change the itinerary of the trail at the last moment.


Arrival at Kayseri airport. You are met by your driver and transferred in 50 min to your guesthouse in Urgup, where you have dinner with your guide.

Monday: Kapadokya Ranch - Mustafapasa - Ayvali

You are driven to the ranch in the morning to meet your horse and to get acquainted with the riding equipment.

The trail begins with one hour of riding through lush vegetation and along the stream of the Uzengi canyon. Villagers cook lunch for you on the woodfire, at the foot of troglodytic citadels of dovecotes carved out the abrupt rock walls.

Your first long canter is the ascension of the Avlak mountain (in case of rain, the Avlak mountain is unrideable and will be avoided), with a magnificent encompassing view of Cappadocia. The rocky hills could provide the perfect background to a Western movie... you will then spend the afternoon riding through expanses of bare hills surrounding Lake Damsa. (In case of hot weather, you can swim in the lake with your horse).

After lunch, you ride through a maze of paths lined with orchards and vineyards, then enter into the village of Ayvali through a hidden canyon, and stop for the night in your hotel nestled in the rock.

Tuesday – Ayvali – Mustafapasa - Ayvali

In the morning, you have a quick start with a canter through the fields of the high anatolian plateau (1600m height): barley, wheat, oat and bean fields which bring us to visit the underground village of Golgoli. Your sure-footed horses take you off the beaten tracks along a scenic path through rock formations, vineyard and orchards, surrounded by table-mountains.

Tying horses in front of the restaurant, we will have lunch in the center of the old Greek village of Mustafapasa.

After lunch, you may stroll among Mustafapasa’s old stone houses, its Ottoman madrasa and its painted church or take a nap on the sofa.

In the afternoon, you can enjoy varied scenery of narrow tracks, small canyons, farmed land and the wide-open spaces of Bahceli, where shepherds lead their flocks. You sneak your way along the lush, narrow canyon of Sorkumlu, before galloping on large sandy tracks.

You arrive to your guesthouse in Ayvali for your last night in the village.

Wednesday: Ayvali – Ibrahimpasa - Uchisar

Leaving the guesthouse on horseback, you can enjoy a varied scenery of narrow tracks and farmed land. You sneak your way along the lush, narrow canyon of a “Gomeda” before a beautiful canter through the fairy chimneys of Gümüslü valley. You ride uphill to reach the lunch at one of our best restaurants: “Babayan evi”.

Very good and healthy local food. From this picturesque village, you start ascending the ‘twin hills' of Cappadocia to reach a panoramic viewpoint encompassing northern Cappadocia and the towering rock fortress of Uchisar.

As you ride towards the village, you can admire the multicoloured rock formations of the famous Pigeon Valley, and Uchisar’s picturesque fairy chimneys. You reach your panoramic guesthouse on horseback and enjoy a drink on the terrace. You may spend the rest of the day exploring Uchisar.

Thursday : Uchisar – Rose Valley - Uchisar

Optional hot-air balloon flight in the early morning: travel with the wind over Cappadocia's magical landscape at sunrise (paid directly to the balloon company).

You sneak your way through the rock tunnels, arches and small woods of the spectacular 4 km-long canyon called Zemi. You make a detour through the famous Love Valley and its gigantic phallic rock formations, then into the Sword Valley and Red Valley. With its cidatels of red, pink and ocre rock, and its beautiful troglodytic churches, this is Cappadocia's most spectacular ensemble of geological formations. A cave cafe located in an ancient monastery welcomes you for lunch. In the afternoon, you

keep exploring the Red and Rose Valleys, then ride out into the fields, surrounded by the rocky hills of north Cappadocia. The winding paths of the Shepherd’s valley take you back to your guesthouse in Uchisar, in time to admire north Cappadocia in the sunset light.


Friday : Uchisar - Cavusin – Kapadokya Ranch

You enter another beautiful canyon called the White Valley, after the colour of its rock. You ride through stone labyrinths and lush vegetation, and pass the impressive fairy chimneys of yet another Love Valley. You canter on a dust path overlooking Red Valley. You enjoy more long canters through the maze of sandy paths of the valley of Ortahisar before reaching the village for lunch on a terrace with a nice view of a dovecote. You return to the ranch in the afternoon by the valley of Pancarlik and its multicoloured rock formations, gardens and orchards. After tea on our terrace, you have an option to be driven to the hamam in Ürgüp for a relaxing steam bath and massage.

Saturday : Departure

After breakfast, departure to Kayseri (or Nevsehir) airport for your flight to Istanbul.

Conditions :

- The trail is 5 days and 6 nights (extra night on demand) on full board

- Number of participants : minimum 2, maximum 7. And 4 riders for 1 guide. Private group on demand.

- Riding level : Confirmed and strong intermediate. Riders must be able to tack up and mount their horse unassisted, and be confident on rough terrain and during group canters on forward-going horses.

- Riding: 5 days / 5 to 6 h on back of the horse each day. 35 km per day on average, on varied terrain. Pace is primarily walk but with canters every day. Sometimes long canters (15 minutes).

- Physical condition: Riders must be in good physical condition to take part in the progressive trail

- Maximum weight : strictly limited to 90 kg. We will weigh riders on arrival; riders over 90 kg will NOT be allowed on horseback.

- Minimum age: 18 years;

- Participation: Our team will groom and prepare the horses, so no participation required from the clients.

- The balloon fight is optional on Thursday or Friday morning depending to the weather forecast.

Dates and Prices 2020 

March 29 - April 4  : 1550 € (Standard) / 2000 € (Luxury)

June 15 - 21  : 1375 € (Standard) / 1775 € (Luxury)

Other dates on demand

Single room for the week:  245 € (Standart) / 350 € (Luxe)

-In summer, or as soon as the temperature will be over 30°C, the riders will have access to the swimming pool of Gamirasu Hotel (on riding days 1 and 2).

-The riding day will start earlier in the morning (08:00 in the saddle); then a big break after lunch; and a one or two hours riding in the evening at sunset.






Depending on availability, the 5 days comfort used are located in Urgup, Ayvali and Uchisar.
You will stay in picturesque, comfortable hotels located in ancient stone houses or in renovated cave houses, typical of the local architecture.
You will have the time to visit Cappadocia's nicest villages and experience the legendary Turkish hospitality and the Anatolian way of life. 

2 kind of accommodations are available:
- one standard
- one luxury
Rider can choose between these 2 options.
Hotels are very close to each other. Dinners will be taken all together, but not the breakfast.

2 types :


6 nights in double/twin room in guesthouses. Nights 1, 6 in the town of Urgup; nights 2,3 in Ayvali, nights 4 and 5 in a panoramic hotel in Uchisar.

- Night 1 & 6 : Suban Hotel  or similar
- Nights 2 & 3: Dilek Tepesi Hotel or similar
- Night 4 & 5: Kilim Pension or similar


6 nights in double/twin room in superior boutique hotels (stone houses, cave houses). Nights 1, 6 in the town of Urgup; nights 2,3 in superior boutique hotel in Ayvali, nights 4 and 5 in a panoramic hotel in Uchisar.

- Night 1 & 6 : Selcuklu Evi or similar
- Nights 2 & 3: Gamirasu Hotel or similar
- Night 4 & 5: Kilim Pension or similar

Food and accomodation:

- 6 nights in double/twin room with ensuite toilets and shower. Single room supplement (full week): 210€ (Standard) / 350€ (Luxury)
- Most guesthouses offer internet access and a laundry service.
- Lunch is taken in different restaurants and snacks, you will taste local specialities.
- Dinner and breakfast are taken at the hotels. Hotels serve Anatolian cuisine for dinner comprising a starter, one or two courses and a dessert. Vegetarian menu on request. Tea, coffee and mineral water are included.
- Cappadocia wine, local alcoholic drinks, beer and soft drinks are available as an option.
- Your luggage will be transfered by our logistics vehicle. You should pack several, lighter bags rather than one large, heavy suitcase.

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